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My name is Isidora Monteparo and I am a visual artist inspired by the power of female energy that exists in the world. Artists tend to choose their subject matter based on their interests, beliefs, or simply what they find beautiful. From the soft blush tones of a cloud, to the striking contrast of black on white, my vision is to create pieces that stimulate emotion and entice the mind. One of my specialties includes recreating and studying the female form, typically in a modernist or contemporary abstract manner. Often I will use black and white to enhance the emotion or attitude towards the anatomy of the female form, whether that includes the body or the face. I also take an interest in the sensuality and movement of cigarette smoke; it emulates organic lines and movement akin to the female body. My other subject matter interests include “skyscapes” or “dreamscapes” which consist of soft clouds and dreamy, delicate color tones. My hope is that you will share the same sense of power, beauty, love and intellect I receive from creating my work, as you do in viewing it.

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Interested in an original painting? Look no further.

Finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy; that's where I come in. I will work with you to ensure you get a beautiful, original piece that suits your preferences. All commissions are priced at $1 per square inch of canvas, which covers materials, time and effort. If you are interested, feel free to contact me and let's get started!

"women should be someone, not something"

Mary Cassat



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